“Save room for dessert”-Boar’s Head Restaurant PCB

“Friends are the People version of Dessert”

– Hallmark

A few of our Featured Desserts- Made in our kitchen by our Genius Baker Margie!

*Double Diablo 
Seven Layer Chocolate Cake with layers of fudge,chocolate frosting.Served warm with chocolate syrup drizzled over the top.

*Bread Pudding 
Filled with with raisins & nuts, served warm with a rum glaze.

*Derby Pie-
Cookie with brownie in the center with an assortment of nuts & almonds.Served warm with French Vanilla ice-cream and a light drizzle of chocolate syrup.

*Chocolate Mousse-
A light and airy chocolate delight. Served with whipped cream, and a cherry on top.

*Key Lime Pie-
This homemade delight is served with whipped cream,shaved almonds and a lime garnish.Whole pies are also available for purchase.

*Praline Ice-Cream Cake-(not pictured)
Layers of Graham cracker crumb,French vanilla ice-cream, and caramelized pralines. Served with a warm caramel glaze over the top.

PCB Boars head Restaurant Homemade Dessert Tray

“A Sweet ending to a new Beginning” Homemade desserts

  • Located across from The Palmetto Inn-Palazzo Condominiums-Sandpiper Beacon Resort
  • Just West of Pier Park-Aaron Bessant Concerts-Frank Brown Park
  • Near NW Fl  International Airport PCB

The Boar’s Head restaurant & Tavern-17290 Front Beach Road-Panama City Beach, Florida-Call Ahead Seating 850-234-6628-Take-out available-Groups  and Families always Welcome-Open all year.



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